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The Signs in Love with Carolyne Faulkner

The Signs in Love with Carolyne Faulkner

Sun 15 Sep, 7.30pm

Carolyne Faulkner has been named ‘Britain’s coolest astrologer’ by Forbes, Grazia, and The Telegraph. Carolyne wrote this decade’s most famous astrology book, The Signs. She created and launched the concept of Dynamic Astrology in 2014 - a unique blend of astrology, energetic awareness, and mind mastery. Carolyne uses numerology and the movements of the stars and planets to empower others to practice self-reflection and improvement.

Prepare to be dazzled by our immersive astrology charts as Carolyne fast-tracks and simplifies natal charts for everyone; you will learn how to draw your own chart!

Then learn about all the zodiac signs, their ‘gone right’ and hilariously funny ‘gone wrong’ traits, followed by an interactive Q&A.

Part two of the evening touches on an interactive cosmic roadmap to finding love that lasts. How each sign matches up with others, a perspective into your past unions, a deeper understanding of your partnerships in romance, how harmonious each match is likely to be, as well as how to build a solid foundation for a forever love.

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